PI - Dr. Xinping Hu







Mr. Cory Staryk, Research Technician

(M.S. Old Dominion University)







Mr. Hongming Yao, PhD Student

(M.S. China Ocean University)






Ms. Melissa McCutcheon, PhD Student

(M.S. Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi)






Ms. Larissa Dias, PhD Student

(M.S. Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi)






Ms. Corrie Llanes, M.S. Student

(B.S. Texas A&M University)





Past Members

Dr. Hongjie Wang (Ph.D. 2018, currently postdoc associate at the University of Delaware)

Mr. Esteban DeLaRosa, Summer Intern (B.S. 2018, currently science teacher at Uvalde High School, Uvalde, TX)

Ms. Terrion Frank, Intern (Foy Moody High Schoo)

Mr. Alvito Saavedra, Intern (Foy Moody High Schoo)

Mr. Lucas Martinez (TAMUCC, Undergraduate Researcher)

Mr. Athony Guzman (TAMUCC, Undergraduate Researcher)

Ms. Qiyuan Liu, Research Technician (University of Houston)

Mr. Zhangxian Ouyang, Visiting Student (Sun Yat-sen University, China)

Dr. Irma Kasaulya, Fulbright Scholar (Pattimura University, Indonesia)

Matina Granieri (2013 Summer REU student, Temple University)

March 21, 2019: Xinping presents a talk "Decadal changes in the carbonate chemistry in northern Gulf of Mexico waters - Rising CO2, "leaked" nutrient and potential sea changes" at the T.W. Bennett Symposium held in the University of Southern Mississippi.

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Novermber 2014 - Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.
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